Here's what to expect from Apple on its 7th Sept Event

Here's what to expect from Apple on its 7th Sept Event
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It’s been a minute. Well, it is one of the most hyped times of the year. Why? I bet the Indian aunties reading my newsletter are about to say Ganpati and Dussehra, but nope. That’s not it. Apple is back with its flagship event!

Every year, Apple unveils a series of hardware improvements in September, and it also rolls out new software for most of its devices. This time, Apple is hosting an in-person event on the 7th of September at 10:30 AM IST to talk about its portfolio developments. You can watch the entire event online here.

Here is a basic rundown of what to expect during the event: the iPhone 14 series, AirPods Pro, Apple Watch Series 8 and a lower-end Apple Watch SE. Let me break it down for you even further.

Starting with the iPhone 14. The iPhone 14 is the successor to the iPhone 13 which in itself was a near-perfect smartphone for all use cases. There have been a lot of rumours about what the iPhone 14 will look like and the improvements it will entail. People have been saying that we will get a new purple colour for the Pro Models, but I think that is highly unlikely. Anyway, here are my predictions. We will obviously see a ramp-up in the camera systems for both the simple and the pro lineup. Along with this, the Pro series will have a new photography mode for Astrophotography. Apple’s invite graphic (you can view it in the header) shows stars, plus, even the name ‘Far Out’ suggests it has something to do with camera photography with better capabilities. This mode will allow users to get high-quality shots of the night sky with their iPhone’s camera. I am super excited about this feature because Google Pixel has had this for ages, and I want to see how Apple tackles this. The better cameras will have improved sensors which will allow for more light, resulting in better photos. I also think that Apple will work on its Macro camera mode as that has been needing some improvement for a while now. The display—tech YouTubers say that last year marked the end of the notch era and this time we will see a hole-punch cutout on the iPhone screen. This is the most hyped feature everyone has been talking about. Here is what it looks like in renders.

Image Credits: MacRumours

Whatever everyone says, I think it is highly unlikely Apple will ditch the notch. The notch looks simple, plain and perfect! It has become a regular day-to-day addition. I don’t think anyone minds it at this point. And changing the iconic notch would basically be a violation of Apple’s design principle, “Don’t fix something that already works.” The pill design (In the graphic above) looks ugly and I personally hate it 🙂 Maybe this is just my denial stage but I really wish Apple doesn't let go of the notch. Rumours also claim that the iPhone will feature an always-on-display. Well, to be very fair, I don't see this feature hitting the light of day. I have personally used this feature on other phones and I don't quite get the point. It is completely redundant and extremely overhyped. For all the tech newbies, always-on-display is when the time and certain elements always stay on, regardless of whether or not you have locked your screen. This is really hard to explain using words, so here is a visual to help you.

Image Credits: 9to5Mac

The final update to the iPhone 14 series, the colour options. Leakers have mentioned that Apple might have a purple-coloured Pro version iPhone instead of last year's Sierra Blue. My take on it? It is a bad idea. Don't get me wrong, I love the colour, but the leaked images show this faded purple colour which is extremely shabby. I would love a purple iPhone as long as the colour looks good.

Coming to the second aspect, the AirPods. AirPods have been the best truly wireless earphones in the market for more than 24 months now. AirPods feature a simple design with the best-in-class features. Well, the AirPods Pro have not been revamped in ages and I think this time, they are going to do it. The new AirPods will feature a very similar design to the previous generation. It will have subtle, yet significant changes! This includes improved battery life, better noise cancellation and probable support for lossless audio. I would truly love to see what Apple does with an already perfect product to improve it even further.

The last product that Apple might introduce are the new Apple watches. My gut tells me that Apple will launch the second generation of their affordable smartwatch, the Watch SE. This watch will feature a small 40mm design with essential features such as SpO2 tracking, sleep tracking, improved workout tracking and so much more. It will come at a low price point and will absorb features such as a better display, smaller bezels and a better battery. Apple will definitely come out with Series 8 of their watch, this watch will be for users who use their watch extensively. I have no concrete idea of what Apple might do, but here are some thoughts. Apple might introduce blood pressure monitoring, introductions to features related to periods, in-built temperature sensors and better battery life.

And yes, Apple is definitely going to announce the public release dates for their new operating systems. Not sure about the software? I wrote a couple of articles about them here. Well, that’s about it, this is what Apple might launch.

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Considering getting the iPhone for your better half or child? Well all things aside, I'd say it is a pretty good trade.

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