You can now fix your iPhone at the comfort of your home!

You can now fix your iPhone at the comfort of your home!
Photo by Joel Rohland / Unsplash

This week was kind of boring in the tech world. We didn’t get to see a lot of updates. Just some minor developments here and there but nothing significant :(

Oh, but there is just one piece of good news — Apple has begun fixing its relationships with the public or for that matter, is trying to repair its relationship. Apple blew the tech industry by announcing— Self Service Repair on Wednesday. In layman’s terms, Apple will now sell you parts to repair your iPhones starting with the 12 & 13 series! So no more official apple visits and waiting in line! This also means that you can now get unofficial repairs done from unauthorised centres in India and your iPhone will work just fine!

Currently, the program is centred around everyday modules like the camera and battery. But Apple will start selling all their parts very soon! And yes, this is not limited to iPhones! Apple will begin rolling out this service to M1 Macs too. Yet, people say, “Apple doesn’t listen to its consumers.” Let's face it, Apple is the only company that listens to its consumers. With this initiative, Apple is also promoting e-waste recycling. Every time you buy a new part from Apple, they will give you an in-house credit. So, the next time you are purchasing an iPhone, you will not have to shell out $999!

Another small update from Apple’s end — they might be looking to launch its EV by the end of 2025 with its custom chip. But again, this is complete speculation. Honestly, I don’t think Apple will release its car by 2025. The company took 4 years to design headphones — the AirPods Pro Max. How will they release a car in 4 years? I mean, yeah, I could be wrong. Let’s wait and watch. Since this is solely based on speculation right now, I won’t cover it extensively in this issue. But if you are eager and impatient, have a look at this article by The Verge and learn more.

Okay, now that I have summarised the tech news this week and the newsletter still seems short, let’s talk about some apps that can boost your productivity.

Things 3

Struggling to work? Overwhelmed with tasks? Don’t know how to organise? Well, Things 3 has got your back! Things 3 is an exclusive iOS, macOS & iPadOS, task manager. Yes, the first thought you might have is why choose Things 3 over other apps? What makes it unique? Frankly, the features you get are the same, nothing fancy here. The only thing you see yourself paying for is the design and simplicity. To-do lists can be hard to make, maintain and sometimes overwhelming to look at! Things 3 has a simple and modular design that allows you to focus on your work rather than exploring fancy gimmicks. The app is minimal and clean and allows for a calendar integration to make your workflow even better and simpler! Plus, there is a quick shortcut for mac users! Doesn't matter where you are on your Mac, all you need to do is press control + spacebar and it will launch a cool shortcut that will allow you to input your task. How neat!

The only problem you might encounter is the price. Things 3 is a tad overpriced and starts at Rs.899 for iPhone and Rs. 4,999 for mac. But hey, this is more like an investment rather than a purchase. You can check out their free trial here. Have a look at their entire feature list here →.


Yes, I briefly mentioned this startup when I was introducing this series. But it didn’t get the attention it deserved. Raycast is a comprehensive spotlight alternative! You can launch apps, search for files, translate, convert currency, calculate, search Google Drive, search for music, have a clipboard history, have a quick view of your calendar and never miss a meeting! You can join any meeting on any platform- with the click of a button. And the best feature? Window management. You can snap any window in any corner of your screen with two clicks. Oh, this app also has some really cool integrations that you won’t find anywhere else! You can link GitHub, Jira, Things 3 and Notion! How neat is this application? And guess what? This app is completely free to use! No charges whatsoever! Supercharge your productivity and download the app now →

And that’s that! That is everything I had in store for you this week. I hope you liked reading this edition of Sunday Tech Highlights. Feel free to reply to this email with feedback and suggestions. And I’ll catch you next week! Till then make sure to update your devices and read the previous issues of my newsletter :)