Best Apps of April!

Best Apps of April!
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Hello there,

Over the past week, I have been exploring some new apps. Some really cools apps that have the potential to blow your mind away. So basically, last week as soon as I pushed my blog, I started exploring apps on this website and I got sucked into this blackhole.

This edition features such three cools apps that insanely boost your productivity. Let’s start with first one — Cron. Cron is next-generation calendar app. I know what you are thinking. How can a simple calendar app be next-gen? Well, this app allows you to share your availability with people so they can book a slot with you in your free time. Yeah, I know apps like Calendly can do that. But, to setup something like that you need to configure the entire system. It can get really complicated. Plus, most useful features are paid. Cron on the other hand, is totally free to use and download. Currently in its beta stages of testing, this app offers some convenient features like time zone switching, support for different display densities, adding quick links to meetings and power-user shortcuts. And the most important thing, good design. This app is looks really cool and looks straight out of the future when you compare it to things like Google Calendar or Apple calendar.

Scheduling on Cron

Cron still has not rolled out official just yet but fortunately, I have a couple of invite codes on my hand. If you’d like them, just respond to this email. I’d say it is a must try app!

The next app on this list is a PDF reader but a better one. Everyone works with PDFs sometimes its for school and sometimes its for work. The most common PDF reader is Adobe Acrobat. I'll be blunt– Acrobat is the worst app ever built for mac. It glitches, it sucks, it makes your mac hang and sutter. PDF Expert is an alternative is built specially for Apple devices. This catalyst Apple device has amazing hand-off and offers the same bunch of features that Adobe has to offer at almost half its price. This applciation is lightweight and has features such as OCR text recongition, emebed audio notes, an annocation toolkit and more. This app is best for people who extensively use PDFs in their everyday life and perform various sorts of actios on them. If you are basic user, you can skip this app and use Preview on your mac to easily view your PDFs.

PDF Expert on all Apple devices

The last app is from an indie developer. 'sodes is a cozy podcast app by Jared Sinclair. Huh, what, cozy? You know podcasts have become this huge thing and so have podcasts players. Companies just keep on embedding unecessay features into these apps. They make it super complicated to enjoy and listen to a podcast. And then there are some comapnies like Apple who haven't updated their podcasts app in years. 'sodes is a simple app that I love using. It is no BS app. It doesn't have the fancy features like auto-downloads or bookmarking and stuff like that. It just has three key buttons– rewind, pause/play, fast forward. It is free to use and is only available for iPhone. Download it here.

'sodes | Image Credit

This is it. I hope you liked the three apps as much as my parents love taunting me for not getting stuff done. Okay, that was suboptimal attempt at humour but I guess, it gets the job done. Cheers and I'll catch up with you next week, till then make sure to update your devices ;)

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