Revolutionising the tech industry again. Apple.

Revolutionising the tech industry again. Apple.

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This week, Apple had their first conference in 2022 to unveil its all-new products. Well, I wasn’t sure what Apple had in store for us and I expected the event to be mildly interesting but Apple shook the industry again! They did it again! Let’s start with the basic announcements first.

Apple launched a new colourway for its iPhone 13 Series. The iPhone 13 is now available in a fresh new green colour and the iPhone 13 Pro comes in an original Alpine Green. My first views? The green on the iPhone 13 looks bad — it is too dark and doesn’t match the aesthetic of the iPhone. But, the Alpine Green look gorgeous on the iPhone 13 Pro. It looks so good! I can’t even—

Well, that’s not it for the iPhone. Apple also launched a new iPhone — the iPhone SE. The special edition iPhone is a classic iPhone that features the design of the iPhone 8 with the brain of an iPhone 13 Pro at just $429. The new iPhone has the classic Touch ID with an unhampered design. The glass on the front and back has been made significantly tougher so that’s admirable. The phone features a chip that zips — the A15 Bionic. This chip allows for 5G support too! The battery life has also been improved on the budget iPhone. This set of hardware comes in three colours — Midnight, Starlight and Product (RED). The phone is stellar and I use the iPhone SE 2020 myself. The only complaint I have is the bad battery life which has been slightly improved on this model so I think it will be a good buy! This phone is perfect for people who want to switch and try the iPhone but don’t wish to shed out too much money.

Apple also worked on their iPad Air and they have created yet another stellar package. The iPad Air now has the M1 chip which makes it a really powerful machine! The iPad also comes in five gorgeous colours now which make it stand out even more. The M1 chips also allow the iPad Air to access 5G making your experience blazing fast. This powerful machine features a 12MP front-facing camera with a centre stage. What is the centre stage? In simple terms, if you move from left to right on a video call — you won’t have to move your camera. The iPad’s lenses inside will move so you always remain in the centre of the frame. The iPad also works in the new keyboard case and the Apple pencil. It features a 10.9-inch liquid retina display with an all-day battery. I mean could it get any better? Why would anyone even want to buy the iPad Pro anymore? That was meant to be a rhetorical question but I can only think of two answers that come to mind — The iPad Pro will always have a smoother screen due to 120Hz display and iPad Pro also has FaceID whereas the iPad Air does not have the necessary hardware for the same and hence utilises TouchID.

These are not the only things that were launched during the Apple event. We were expecting Apple to launch some kind of Mac. Most of we're hoping there will be new MacBook Airs with the same colours as the iMac with the M2 chip but Apple chose to surprise us and launch a state of the art device! The Mac Studio! What is the Mac Studio? Quite simply, it is like a hybrid of the Mac Pro and the Mac Mini. Apple’s CEO, Tim “Cool,” said that many people use the iMac as the brain of their workstation and Apple wanted to make that experience smoother and more optimised hence they launched a more powerful desktop computing machine. The Mac Studio features an all-new chip the M1 Ultra. It is so powerful that I can’t even begin to describe it in words. It is the most power-efficient chip ever and probably one of the best in the world. The Mac Studio features a design like the Mac Mini but with the power of a Mac Pro. The maxed-out Mac Studio model is 5 times more powerful than the 27-inch iMac. Oh also, now that Apple has launched such a powerful machine they will be discounting the iMac 27-inch model. The Mac Studio starts at $1,999 and goes all the way up to $8,000! Now, that’s a lot of money! Well considering, it has 128GB of unified memory and 64 core GPU it is probably worth it for some individuals.

Alongside, the Mac Studio, Apple also launched a futuristic monitor, The Studio Display. This display is overpowered and has a 5K screen. It comes with the same front-facing camera as the iPad Air — 12MP with centre stage. Yeah, essentially, it is just a display but it is made for professionals because of its richness and colour accuracy. The display also comes with a six-speaker array which allows for spatial audio and it has a three array microphone allowing for crystal clear sound during video calls. Try hearting something on it — it sounds as if you are really there. The display can showcase up to a billion colours with 600 nits of brightness! So cool! With the display comes black keyboard accessories too! The keyboard and the Magic Mouse are now black and silver, it looks so good. The keyboard also features TouchID!

Pfff, and that’s that. More or less, that’s what Apple unveiled at their event last Tuesday. Apple knows how to innovate. I love the whole company :) Well, I hope you had fun reading this newsletter. Before I sign off, I would like to apologise for not releasing an issue last week. I had been procrastinating and just putting it off. I was going for a trip and I was so excited that I was in no mental state to write a 1000 word article. Well, that’s one reason and I also overheard one of my mentors negatively describe the newsletter so that made me reluctant to write but hey, I am back to normal. So, I will be writing another issue tomorrow just to cover up for last week! So hold on tight for the next 24 hours. Until then, make sure to update your devices and I’ll catch you next time.

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