Snapchat, Twitter, OnePlus, and a professional image editing tool.

Snapchat, Twitter, OnePlus, and a professional image editing tool.


I would like to start this week’s issue by thanking all of you for a staggering open rate! Over the past 10 issues, the open rate of the newsletter has been over 80%! Insane right? Yeah, it is. I never expected such a good response and I am overjoyed with the statistics. But that’s not it. Over the past month, we’ve also grown by 41% in terms of subscribers. The progress has been really promising and thank you so much for that. If you are reading this email, I would like to express my gratitude to you.

Okay, enough buttering up, hehe. This week was kinda boring in the tech realm. We didn’t see any revolutionary changes. We saw like 2 updates and a launch of a budget phone. So, to make sure this issue remains interesting, we will be talking about a really good app this month.

Starting off with the biggest update out — Snapchat will now let you change your username! Yeah, users have been asking for this feature for years and it is finally happening. The only people who will benefit from this would be 15-year-olds who made their accounts with the name “tejasroxx”. To be very honest, I hate Snapchat as a platform- so this news doesn’t even excite me. The platform is so lame. Your messages disappear after 24 hours and sometimes as soon as you view them! Plus, no screenshots. Nah man, the app seems really weird for some reason and I feel like I am smuggling something.

The next update is also from a social media company and it isn’t even an update. Twitter will now let you pin direct messages. So essentially, instead of having a plethora of chats, you can give some chats the access to always be on the top of your screen. I mean, I don’t use Twitter Chats a lot so again, this doesn’t make a huge difference. But as an author, I have to be unbiased and write about everything. 🥲

Yeah, now the slightly bigger update. OnePlus launched a new budget smartphone — The OnePlus Nord CE 2. Let’s be honest, the name is unnecessarily long and could have been way better. The phone also looks really ugly in my opinion. Like, why. Two large lenses on the back which look disproportionate in comparison to the phone body? No thanks. On top of that, the camera lenses have a gluey ring around them so it looks really unappealing. The phone has a couple of upsides such as fast charging with a fast charger, a 90Hz refresh rate and it is pretty affordable at Rs. 23,999. However, the phone looks ugly, has bad low light camera performance, a completely plastic body, bad software, occasional hiccups in performance and it doesn’t have an alert slider! If you are looking for a budget phone, this is not the phone you should consider. I suggest going for a Google Pixel 4a because of its butter smooth software and size. You might want to keep in mind that Google doesn’t have an after-sales network though, so repairing your phone can be a hassle.

The boring section of the article is finally over :) Now coming to one of the best apps I have ever encountered. This app is powerful, elite, inexpensive and simple to use. Introducing Pixelmator Pro.

Pixelmator Pro is professional image editing software anyone can use. It is a direct Photoshop competitor and in my opinion, does way better! Okay, now you may be wondering, “Why Pixelmator Pro? I don’t work on complex projects and I don’t know how to work with photos.” This is where this app saves the day. Pixelmator has this really cool machine learning feature – it can enhance your photos with one click of a button. Well, don’t want to modify the whole image? You could modify special parts of the photo with ML too! Like working with saturation, brightness and temperature. They can all be automated to create the best image. The app also has some very cool typography features, you can adjust and make any sort of changes. The app is so simple to use and easy to learn. If you have ever used any photo editing software, it shouldn’t take you more than 10 minutes to get used to this application. Some other cool features of this application are Magic Background Eraser, Subject Selection, Smart Refine, Super Resolution and so much more. The app has a magnificent user interface that is easy to adopt and plus it is an Apple exclusive application so it has a very similar UI to the rest of the system which makes the app even more gorgeous. The app is a one-time payment of Rs. 3,499 only via the app store! It is a must-have! You can try it free for 15 days by clicking here.

And that’s all that I have for you this week. Make sure you check this app out! Also, I would love for you to share this newsletter with your friends and family because while we have been growing organically, our social share rate is really low. So go ahead, share this issue and I will catch you next time. Until then, make sure to update your tech devices :)

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