You might be able to buy a new iPhone under 35k with the same processor as the iPhone 13 Pro…

You might be able to buy a new iPhone under 35k with the same processor as the iPhone 13 Pro…
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Let me guess, you are stuck with an average Android phone, have always admired the iPhone lineup, but the price makes you think twice? The iPhone does make a dent in your pocket, but you just can’t resist? Well, the iPhone SE 2022 might be the perfect option for you — Apple is rumoured to launch an affordable 5G iPhone in the first quarter of 2022.

This phone might be their perfect match for the Indian market. My estimation is that the phone will start at Rs 39,990. Although you might be able to bag it for 36k from Amazon in the first week itself! The phone will feature the same design as the 2020 iPhone SE. Well, to be honest, that’s kinda sad, and definitely isn’t the most ideal. But to be fair, you can’t expect everything to be top-notch from a phone that comes in such an affordable price range. The phone will have a 4.7 inch LCD screen with Touch ID technology. In my opinion, though, the display is a little too tiny. I am currently using the iPhone SE 2020 and I would love to see a bigger screen in the newer versions! 4.7 inches is a little too tiny for 2022. Plus, the size factor also results in the phone having barely any space for the battery! Which results in a trash battery life :) As I mentioned, I am using the iPhone SE 2020 and the battery is straight up 2017 standards. It is so sad to see an 1800 mAh battery in 2022, that I can’t even begin to describe my feelings. Even with a flagship-level chip from the iPhone 13, the battery life would not be great. You would average around 4 hours of usage at the max which is trash according to today’s standards. Especially considering the iPhone 13 Pro' Max that has usage of almost 10 hours with every single full charge! The rumours don't mention anything about the storage capacities but I am guessing the storage will be bumped up to 128GB as the base model and that will be the only available option. So that’s cool! The phone will also be 5G compatible! This means it would mark the end of 4G on iPhones. Plus, I am guessing 5G will be launched in India very soon, so there can’t be a more relevant addition to the iPhone SE. However, the upsetting part about the iPhone SE is that it will feature the same camera design and architecture as the iPhone 8- a single camera sensor. That’s just sad :) The only new thing you might get to see with the SE 3 will be colours.

Well, now that we are talking about Apple- Apple just promised third party payment options for everyone who is in South Korea! You know what that means, right? You might end up paying lesser for subscriptions. As of today, you probably pay $10 for a simple Spotify subscription. Now, Spotify only gets $7 in hand because Apple takes 30% off whatever you pay. This high rate really disincentivises the developers. Unfortunately, to compensate for this, developers have been raising the price of their subscriptions to stick with their profit margins. So, if Apple allows third party payment options- this 30% margin would no longer exist! You might end up paying lesser for your subscriptions and developers might end up making more money than usual. Can it get any better than this? This is so cool! Apple has also promised something similar for dating apps in the Netherlands. Now, I don’t get why dating apps exist only, so I’m just gonna skip passing comments on the topic and ask you to read this article from The Verge instead. Since we are also talking about price hikes: Netflix just raised their prices in the US. Now, the cheapest plan in the US is $9.99 compared to India where we only pay $2😌

Now, heading over to my second favourite tech company, Google. They just rolled out an update for the Pixel 6 series that fixes numerous bugs and adds promised features. The update can be found using the in-system update checker or you could also sideload this update (side loading>>>) This update tweaks the fingerprint sensor I spoke about in my third issue. It also fixes the camera and increases the wattage at which the pixel can receive charge using the wireless charger. Well, Google did nothing else this week so let's hop onto Twitter. Twitter will now allow all users to record Twitter Spaces and make them publicly available for 30 days. For my readers who don’t know what a Twitter Space is, it is just an audio chat room between users. You could use it to discuss an idea, plan and so much more! They are great at times :) Well, let me explain this change in a more practical scenario. One of my favourite Canadian-based YouTubers- Canoopsy- hosts a space when convenient for him. But for me, that time is 3 AM. So, instead of disrupting my sleep cycle, I can simply view his recording now.

For today’s last and the least cared about update, Microsoft launches a new walkie-talkie feature on their Teams app. So you could now connect to various people with a click of a button. I am sure you know what walkie-talkies are, so I just gonna go ahead and conclude this issue.

Thank you for tuning in. I’m sorry for releasing the issue way later than I usually do. I did not know what to write and just had to procrastinate like every other IBDP student out there. Again, I appreciate you reading my newsletter! If you liked it, please consider sharing it with your family and friends. Oh and also, update your devices and clean them :)  I know your keyboard is filthy and you haven’t updated your laptop in months. Why are you still reading? Chop chop, go update!

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