Vision Pro— a game-changing mixed-reality headset

Vision Pro— a game-changing mixed-reality headset

Apple recently hosted its developer conference (WWDC) 2023 and it announced some staggering new updates to our devices and how we use them. Among all the software changes and new products that Apple announced, the one that caught everyone's eye was the Vision Pro.

The Vision Pro is Apple's attempt at bringing AR and VR into one single headset. From what I can see, they have done a pretty good job. The headset is an elegant, spatial computer (fancy name) that seamlessly blends digital content with the physical world. It has a revolutionary 3D camera that can capture spatial photos and videos, and it can also bring 3D objects to life. In really simple terms, spatial refers to the depth of the content. For example, when you sit on a Zoom call you see a 2D picture, the video being showcased to you is flat but in spatial content, it is not confined to two dimensions. This allows the Vision Pro to create an infinite canvas for apps that scales beyond the boundaries of a traditional display, and it introduces a user interface controlled by the most natural and intuitive inputs possible — a user's eyes, hands, and voice.

The Vision Pro is a powerful new computer that offers a completely new way to interact with digital content. The headset within itself uses Apple's in-house chips, M2 & R1 (new chipset), to provide this advanced level of computing.

Vision Pro Demo Video from Apple

The Vision Pro is such a complex product that Apple took 50 minutes to explain it at their event. Imagine making a product that complex 🤯 . Well, if Apple struggled to do it in a conference, this blog barely comes close.

If this blog has even slightly interested you, I would recommend you check out this YouTube video.

Apple Vision Pro announcement at WWDC 2023 in 6 minutes
The Apple headset is one of the company’s most anticipated products with leaks and rumors dating back to 2017. But after years of speculation, today at WWDC…

What the world witnessed last night in WWDC might just be the stepping stone to moving to AR and VR as a society. Other companies such as Meta have tried to make this transition but have failed miserably. This just makes you wonder if Apple will change the world yet again.