Google I/O 2023: Hardware Recap

Google I/O 2023: Hardware Recap
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On 10th May 2023, Google quite literally blew the tech industry. Google hosted the I/O, which is their yearly conference where they share updates about what they have been working on and what we can expect from them in the coming year. Google unveiled a lot of cool stuff ranging from hardware to software. Here are the hardware updates from the event.

Firstly, Google launched a new flagship smartphone- Pixel Fold. As the name suggests, it is a foldable phone. The phone looks really similar to its competitor, the Samsung Fold 4. However, its software really sets it apart. It comes with stock Android and has some neat features, such as the seamless continuity between the back and front screens. Since the phone is made by Google, it has large screen support for most apps. This makes the user experience ten times better. The fold is also a step up from its competition because of the G2 chip which is Google’s in-house mobile processor. The fold also is one of the thinnest foldable phones in the industry. This phone is more than just a clamshell. But, the phone comes at an enormous price tag of $1,799. Insane, but this phone is not really meant for the average user, so the ridiculous price tag is somewhat acceptable. Google is aware $1,799 leaves a dent in everyone’s pocket, so they are bundling a free Google Watch at the purchase of their new foldable for a limited time.

Secondly, Google launched their new affordable smartphone, the Pixel 7a. The Pixel 7a is a close replica of their high-end smartphone the Pixel 7 but at just $499 or ₹43,999.00. Yeah, ₹43,999.00 is not really affordable in the Indian smartphone market but that’s how Google places itself. The Pixel 7a is a step up in both terms of quality and price from last year but in my opinion, it is one of the best smartphones for an average user. The Pixel 7a does not feature a lot of hardware changes but relies on software improvement to enhance the product. There are only a few notable hardware changes this time around. One is the totally overhauled camera array that takes mobile photography to an entirely new level. Second is the 90Hz screen which makes the entire screen really fluid and fun to use. Everything else about this smartphone in terms of hardware is pretty similar to industry standards. The only distinction is the software which makes the phone so much better. I would say if you are in the market for a good Android smartphone that lasts you three-four years and you have some money to spare- this should be your ideal choice.

Thirdly, Google also launched its first tablet this year! The tablet was initially previewed last year but never hit the market. I must say the final product seems like it was worth the wait. Google is branding its tablet as more than just a productivity device but instead, like your 24/7 do everything assistant. The Pixel tablet is 11 inches and serves as more than just a tablet because it incorporates things like Home controls, a dedicated infotainment system and so much more. Moreover, the Pixel tablet comes with a dock which can be used to mount your tablet in the home to use it as your smart controller for things such as the TV, lights, etc. The tablet uses the same chip as Google’s flagship smartphones so it is equally fast at things like gaming, The Pixel tablet is more like a smart home everything device than a dedicated productivity device like the iPad. The Pixel tablet is hard to explain and visualise over a text-based newsletter. If you are interested in this launch, I recommend that you watch this video.

This is all that Google launched in terms of hardware this summer. In my opinion, the real innovation lies in the Pixel Fold. Everything else is just software magic. Google’s strength lies in building software that enhances average hardware. Google launched several new software features too but they are impossible to cover in just one issue. Soon, The Tech Garamond will update its readers with cutting-edge software improvements that were unveiled at the Google I/O 2023.

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